Comments and Pictures from Pups we have place in their forever homes
She weighs 55 pounds last visit to the vet.   She is a wonderful pet, great personality, smart, and is a good companion.   She is in love with our barn cat “Jeff” and he is crazy about her too!   My sons have spoiled her rotten.  It doesn’t bother her she loves to get in the car and go.   She likes going to the vet and her groomer.
 Zeus & Rocky 
I just have to let you know how loved my two boys are.  I tell people if you see one you see the other. they rarely leave each others side.  Zeus was 88lbs. at the vets last visit, Rock was 56. They have completely opposite personalities. I call zeus the gentile  giant.
The boys are doing great here at the beach.  Everyone loves them on the dock, they are pretty well behaved. Linda
It's been quite a long time since I've emailed you to update you on Lucy. I took a couple of pictures this morning that made me think of you and so I'm sending them along. Lucy turned 2 in February and we had our first baby in December 2011. She is seven months old now and Lucy could not be a more perfect dog to have around a baby. She is patient, gentle, and loving towards our daughter, Kendall. Everyone who comes over comments on how good she is with the baby. Kendall rolls into her, pulls at her ears and paws, and Lucy just licks her hands. It's clear that she's not annoyed, but rather, loves the attention! We love Lucy to death and are so thankful for her.
Thank you again so much! Hope you, your family, and your poodles are all doing well. I know we'll be in touch in the future for another pup!  Becky Stierwalt


I have a black female she is from your Dudley and Brandy. She was born Sept 2nd, 2012. She was #1. We call her Ziva. She is absolutely wonderful.    Smart.      Beautiful.  Gentle. I visit your website ever so often and always enjoy seeing your latest pups. Ziva's brothers and sisters. :) Keep up the great work. 



Koko and Willow do love to go boating.  Willow will jump in the water, off the boat, on her own.  Koko has to be helped into the water.  She, Koko, is much more conservative.  While Willow will take chances and risks.  Steve and I are both retired, so we are able to spend a lot of time with our girls.  Typically we either walk the neighborhood or go to a local dog park.  They are not lonely. (I attached some dog park pics, for your viewing pleasure).


Linda, from florida and I kept in touch on a regular basis. We compare notes since her boys (Zeuz & Rocky) are my girls 1/2 brothers. I get the impression that she is glad that she adopted both dogs at the same time, as are we. I'm glad you gave her my contact information, since she has taken advantage of my tips for raising them together and just general to do's and not to do's. I keep watch on you, via your website. Glad to see you have continued your breeding.... Take care. Marybeth Hayman


This is a good picture of Nicky.  He has not changed too much.  We are not good at sending pictures and will try to send some more later.  This is a program Bob was trying.   I am glad we got Nicky because I love the apricot color.  He is now almost 60 pounds and doing great. He is very smart and catches on quickly.


The new puppies are beautiful but I must say that our Hoss is something special......I'm not saying that just to make you feel good either....I'm being quite honest. Everybody notices the difference. Even from a very young age....we would be chasing the pups around trying to get them to go to their bedroom and into their kennels and Hoss was already in his, just sitting there waiting for us to close the door and say goodnight... He is huge.....I'm guessing that he must be between 55-60 pounds by now.. He is so mellow and loving and very Monday they will be finished their 8 week course in Puppy Obedience School. It's so funny when I try to blow dry him after a bath...he still trys to crawl up on my lap as I sit on the floor with him and he lays down across my legs pinning me to the floor and wall. His paws are like a bear His colour is beautiful... Jan




 I spoke to you about two days ago about a puppy ( we are from  AL and have one of your dogs already)  I’ve attached pictures of Mocha.  As you can tell from the photos he’s our baby.  My daughter  wants one from the next litter.  


Just wanted to update you on our Dolly Girl. I just got home from having her weighed for her correct heart worm treatment and she's at 50 lbs! She just turned 6 months old on the 29th of July. She is a sweet mess. She loves to ride with her head out of the sunroof in my car so I got her some doggles goggles to protect her eyes from bugs. We get lots of looks when we ride her Thanks again for our sweet girl. Wishing you well, Nona from, MS


I'm attaching some pics of our Pierre, age 14 months.

He is the center of our household, goes everywhere with us... only "problem" is that wherever we go, it takes us a half hour (at the least) more time because he draws more attention than the Pope!!!!


Hi, Larry...Hope all is well! Wanted to let you know that this past Sunday, our Pierre passed his test for Canine Good Citizen / Therapy Dogs International Group.  At just age three, Pierre is one of the youngest to pass in our region.  Twelve dogs were eligible to be tested, and Pierre is one of only two who passed. We are so proud of our good boy! Love from Suzanne, Jack, and Pierre Keller


Just wanted to send a "hello" on this special day, Pierre's 5th birthday!We are enjoying the summer together, and he is great... still doing some therapy dog work, enjoying pet-friendly restaurant patios for lunches & dinners, playing in the parks, riding in the convertible, visiting his neighbors... and of course lounging around his home! He is my shadow, I love it and wouldn't want it any other way. I'll never be able to thank you enough for bringing this very special boy to me! Off to celebrate Pierre's birthday... Hope you are well!