Next Liter of Pups Planned in September


Gore Family  First  Choice                                      Brown Female

Cockrell  Family  Second Choice                            Parti Female

Upchurch Family Third Choice                               Parti Female

Wheaton Family   Fourth Choice                            Black Female

Taylor Family        Fifth Choice                                Male

Simpson Family    Sixth Choice                               Male

Harrison Family      Seventh  Choice                         Female 

May Family               Eight                                           Parti Female

Wohlgemuth Family  Ninth                                        Female

Mullins  Family       Tenth                                           Black Male

 Parish Family         Eleventh                                      Male

Vega Family             Twelfth                                        Black Male

 These pups are going to their forever homes

 Dandy and Tacker Pups Born  January 16,2020 

           2 Black Males   2 Brown Males   1 Brown and White Male

                      1 White and Cream Female  1 Black Female                                   


"There is nothing that any breed can add to a poodle to improve it"

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If you are looking for a wonderful pet we suggest  the  Standard Poodle  to bring you happiness, endless smiles, pure delight and great companionship. We have every intention of providing you with the  best canine friend you would ever hope to have. Our Standard Poodle Puppies are of sound health, possess good genetics, temperament and strong social skills. The puppies are born and raised in our home We keep a strict worming and immunization schedule during their stay with us. We would love to have you drop by for a poodle visit! 

   Larry Long    966 Riverdale Rd.  Counce, TN.  38326