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  Standard Poodle Puppies for sale, Born January 20, 2023.         These standard poodle puppies for sale are available for your family.        Last update 3-26-23

6.  Black and white male standard poodle  puppy for sale with white ribbon . 


These standard poodle pups are going to their forever homes.

Standard poodle puppie
Standard Poodle Puppy
Standard poodle  puppy for sale

2. Brown and white male standard poodle pup with yellow ribbon.                                              Zeke is going home with the Green family.

Standard poodle pups for sale
Standard poodle puppies for sale

4.  Brown and white male standard poodle pup with red ribbon
He is going home with the McAuley family

Standard poodle for sale
Standard poodle puppies

Nellie is a black and white parti. She is 24 inches tall and weighs 45 pounds.  She is a very loving and smart girl, one of Lucy's wonderful pups.

 Rufus is a male Tri-Color poodle in  Black, Red and White. He is 25 inches Tall and Weighs 50lbs. He is a Very Gentle Guy and has never met a stranger.    

Standard poodle puppy for sale
Standard Poodle

Rufas and Nellie, they have outstanding pups that make great pets.

Standard Poodle puppy

As dog breeders of standard poodle puppies for sale, our puppies are of sound health, they possess good genetics, temperament and strong social skills. Our standard poodles for sale are born and raised in our great room.  We keep a strict worming and immunization schedule during their stay with us. We would love to have you drop by for a poodle visit! 

   Larry Long    966 Riverdale Rd.  Counce, TN.  38326      

   Located on the  Tennessee , Alabama  and Mississippi  border.         


"There is nothing that any breed can add to a poodle to improve it"

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